Many ways to help

Help our legal systems become more fair, accessible, and equitable by supporting civil legal aid

You can: 

  1. Donate to WisTAF.
  2. Donate to a WisTAF grant recipient
  3. Urge your financial institution to join our Prime Partner program like these financial institutions already have.

If you're a lawyer, you can: 

  1. Encourage your firm or organization to do one of the above.
  2. Offer your expertise through a pro bono or reduced-rate program.

If you're a lawyer, judge, or mediator involved in a class action:

  1. Name WisTAF a recipient of residual (cy pres) funds in the class action lawsuit. (In state courts, this is a statutory requirement for at least 50 percent of such funds.)

Thank you for helping to increase access to justice and well-being in Wisconsin.

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