Philosophy of grantmaking policies

In furtherance of WisTAF's mission, the WisTAF Board of Directors annually awards grants to a broad array of agencies which provide civil legal services to low-income clients.

Sometimes applicants find it helpful to know, not only a funder’s policies and criteria — like those regarding general eligibility, evaluation and monitoring, records access, or notification and lobbying — but also the philosophy behind these decisions.

Elements of our grantmaking philosophy

WisTAF funds programs that address the particular legal needs and problems of diverse client populations, different geographical regions, and special areas of public concern. Agency diversity, in terms of structure, service delivery methods, location, scope of services, and sources of funds, is recognized and valued.

WisTAF supports agencies that provide free legal services as well as those which charge reduced fees for services, because there is room for both models in addressing the needs of Wisconsin’s low-income population. 

The WisTAF Board believes that effective funding of grants can take place only in a climate free from political bias and outside interference. 

WisTAF encourages innovation, cooperation, and collaboration within and among its grantees.

The WisTAF Board reserves the right to change procedures and priorities for its grant programs as new community needs are identified and as resources change.

Grantmaking decisions of the board are final and not subject to appeal or judicial review.


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