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Ready to send your IOLTA electronic remittance report? Use this secure link to upload. 

WisTAF proudly works with banks and credit unions to administer Wisconsin's IOLTA program. We're on hand to help your financial institution understand the benefits and the requirements of IOLTA participation as established by the state Supreme Court.

Most financial institutions decide to participate in the IOLTA program — thus building a partnership with the legal field and demonstrating commitment to their communities. If you're new to IOLTA, you may want to start with the Participate: join IOLTA and Lead: become an IOLTA Prime Partner pages. You can also find IOLTA forms and resources, details on processes for remittance and compliance, information about allowable fees and services charges and other common topics here.

Please feel free to reach out with any other questions, to:

Tehmina Islam
Assistant Executive Director   

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811 East Washington Ave., Suite 400, Madison, WI 53703
608.257.6845 or 877.749.5045 (toll-free)

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