Grant notification and lobbying policy

Pursuant to its established decision-making processes, the Grants/Evaluation Committee shall make a written recommendation for funding allocations which is forwarded to the entire Board of Directors and all grant applicants within ten (10) days by the Executive Director or Grants Program Manager.

Grant applicants will then have ten (10) days during which they may provide written comments directly to the Executive Director. No other communication from applicants to the Board of Directors may be made. Comments are not to exceed 1,500 words. Contents of the response are to be limited to the applicant’s own data, characteristics, and/or unique circumstances. Such comment is neither required nor favored but is to be used to address exceptional circumstances or facts not known at the time of application submission.

The Grants/Evaluation Committee may consider and share any such comments meeting these requirements with the Board of Directors prior to approval of grant allocations.

All applicants will be expected to adhere to this policy.

Approved September 19, 1992; revised June 14, 2023

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